Welcome to The Artist’s Dialogue

Welcome! It is an honor to have you view my work. My name is Rosemary and I am a Consignment Artist for Disney Theme Parks and Disney Cruise Line, and enjoy painting my favorite scenes at Disney and in places most important to me. I find when you focus on the scenes that move your spirits and reflect your passions, the beauty can begin to speak to others’ hearts as well.

Forty plus years ago graduating with a bachelor’s degree in studio art did not translate into instant success or even following a clear or steady path in a creative field. Sometimes those puzzle pieces don’t fit in until later. Life is a journey and everyone grows at a different pace. When I was younger, I found that being a creative took more confidence than I had, so I painted for pleasure but pursued a career in college administration. Then I met my husband, started a family, and moved to the Midwest where I began studying oil painting under a retired artist with a past career in N.Y.C. painting for the Saturday Evening Post; pastel painting in several studios of talented local women artists; and more oil painting in a performing arts academy under the teaching of an artist well-known for his Grand Canyon scenes. He not only shared his masterful techniques, but through inspiration, wrote these simple words to me in the jacket of his book…”It’s been great fun having you in class and seeing you spread your artistic wings. Take off time is coming soon.”

Words have power, especially if they are rooted in experience and with the foundation of a faith in something and someone greater than ourselves. Those words from my teacher resonated in my spirit, and with that a seed of encouragement was planted and a confidence grew. But my mind and my heart were also on a journey of seeking, discovery and healing through on-going study in counseling, therapy groups, reading, bible studies, church, conferences and classes, so the seed fell on fertile ground.

We are not two-dimensional beings. Though my art may show best on flat canvas, I hope it inspires feelings and thoughts. A painting of soft ripples on a pond may bring forth a sense of tranquility or perhaps the deepest need for such as we reflect on the chaos that may surround our lives. Growing up in a dysfunctional setting, as so many of us have experienced, has tremendous challenges that can affect one’s outlook, beliefs, and development. A woundedness in childhood can create havoc, if unattended, not only in our own lives, but also in those of loved ones close to us. In this beloved country of ours, there is little that affects American life and health more than addiction. We find ourselves unaware of its consequences and of how important the issue of Recovery is. Everyone knows someone who suffers from alcoholism, substance or other abuse, but may remain unable or unwilling to talk about it.

Our world is multi-dimensional, and all the facets of our lives, the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and mental must be explored and deemed worthy to discuss. God has given us dignity. The search we all endeavor is well worth sharing, and I hope to provide a forum in this blog to express our journey through the beauty of a painting and the importance of words.


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