The “painterly border”

For some years now I’ve experimented with adding a painterly border as a frame extending the image, much like our eye focuses on a scene with a peripheral vision that blurs. Recently the border has been introduced with my Disney art at Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts, debuting in January 2021.

Now available at, the “painterly border” is offered on non-Disney art, as a Deluxe Painterly Print, Framed Painterly Print or Infinity Frame reproduction, beginning with “Mindful” (below seen as a Framed Painterly Print), “Progression”, “Quiet Moment”, “Engaging”, and “Notice”, and with more coming soon.

“…a new abstract border addition to the original artwork, giving it a three-dimensional and ethereal quality, enhancing the realism with a sense of illusion, and extending meaning to the vision through color, movement and atmosphere. Each border is totally unique to the painting” Rosemary

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