“Prominent” – Disney’s Canada Pavilion

I love to watch, and paint, Canadian geese. They hold a prominent place in my life as I am greeted most mornings by them flying over my house in beautiful formation.  They are such a large, graceful bird and walk slowly, reminding me to slow my pace down and reflect on things rather than rush pass and miss them. Growing up in NYC gave me an inherent fast pace that always calls me to find the slower and peaceful settings around us.

That reminder to enjoy our surroundings holds true of the luscious and intricate Victoria Gardens in the Pavilion, which invite us to stroll and observe the artistry of this horticultural beauty. I recently took a tour of the grounds with my cousin, a retired horticulturalist from Disney World, who had the pleasure of working these gardens to make them spectacular.

And above the gardens sits a most “prominent” edifice which stands out with distinction, beckoning a longer look from many close and distant vantage points throughout Epcot, joined by the steadfastness of large boulders leading to the gardens to help pause our glance once again toward reflection.

I’ve enjoyed meeting many guests from Canada, who fly in like geese to winter in the warmer climate and like to visit their country’s pavilion represented here in Epcot, along with guests from all over the world. The World Showcase gives guests a chance to transition from country to country while strolling around a reflective lake, and Epcot holds a most noteworthy place in the history of Disney.

Rosemary’s original entitled “Prominent” sold at The Art of Disney in Epcot. Deluxe Print reproductions may be found at Disney Theme Parks.