“Invitation” to The Magic Kingdom


The entrance to The Magic Kingdom – an ‘invitation’ to experience the glory, the magic, the joy, the majesty and splendor, the imagination and creation. How can we enter The Magic Kingdom without wondering who is the king? And Walt Disney would surely be the first to point us above. We need to look to the heavens to appreciate that Disney drew his inspiration through prayer. A religious man, Walt Disney studied the Scriptures with a respect for all faiths, mindful to not offend others with his beliefs.

What I love about Disney and Disney movies is the foundation in Judeo-Christian values, bringing us the hope that good triumphs over evil. In the painting, I enjoyed presenting The Magic Kingdom entrance with an emphasis on the clouds, and with several trios of subject matter, including hidden Mickeys of course! Of much interest is an article of Disney’s own testimony  at the following link:

Walt Disney on Faith

Rosemary’s original painting entitled “Invitation” sold at The Magic Kingdom on Main Street at the Art of Disney.


  1. John

    Hello I saw this painting today at the Magic Kingdom. It’s beautiful! I was wondering if your selling any prints of it and if so where could I purchase it? Thanks!

  2. Dear John, Thank you for asking about “Invitation”. I appreciate your comment and also hope you have had or are having a magical time at Disney World. Currently this painting in not available in Deluxe Print or Giclees, but I will let you know if it does come available in the future. It is a very meaningful piece, and would love to know what caught your attention about it, if you care to share. I always encourage dialogue whenever one wishes; meanwhile I will let you know if/when prints become available. Thank you again, Rosemary

    • John

      We had a great time thanks! Oh that’s too bad. I don’t know too much about art but I was just looking for something simple that captured Disney for me. And I feel like this had four things that defined Disney and Florida for me. The beautiful clear big blue sky, the palm tree, the main entrance for the railroad which is the first thing you see when you approach the MK and then of course the Castle! Thanks so much, hopefully I can purchase a print soon!

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