“Insightful” – Disney’s Epcot and Spaceship Earth

Following the many lampposts leading toward Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, it is striking at dusk and beyond, how the illumination of lights and fireworks lend such focus and meaning to the overall scene.

While on the Monorail, we view the sights from an elevated perspective. And when we venture into the Spaceship Earth ride, we are also taken on a journey of elevation through darkness to document our human history of communication from wall carvings to papyrus to the Gutenberg press, telegraph, phone and computer, finishing with our knowledge enlightened and with thoughts of how we will communicate in the future. Each progression is illustrated by the achievements of mankind through insight – where learning to communicate meant moving from just a state of trying to survive to being able to communicate and live and work in relationship together for the betterment of community. We are inspired to innovate – not that we invented light, but that we intuitively and intelligently and “insightful”ly use it to benefit our world.

Rosemary’s original of “Insightful” sold at The Art of Disney in Epcot. Deluxe Print reproductions may be available at Disney Theme Parks.