“Hopeful” – Disney’s Tomorrowland

My collection of Disney pins may be small, but owning a Tomorrowland pin with the big “T” is my coolest. I’ve always loved science fiction and feel an instant connection to the 2015 movie “Tomorrowland” with the characters portrayed by George Clooney, Britt Robertson and other wonderful actors when I touch my “T” pin. The movie begins around the 1964 World’s Fair with science and invention, and takes us back in history and forward through time travel to the impending doom of the world, or changing the future with the collective achievement of humanity – I don’t want to give away the story to a “must-see” film if you haven’t seen it yet. And when you do, be sure to spot Space Mountain in the background.

I was 9 years old growing up in NYC when I went to the 1964 World’s Fair with my cousin visiting from Florida. And who could know that both of us would end up with a future at Disney?! He spent 22 years at WDW as a horticulturalist, and I’ve been a Consignment Artist for Disney Theme Parks and Disney Cruise Line since 2011.

Like touching the “T” pin in the movie and being transported through time and space, who could not feel transported when standing at the entrance of “Tomorrowland” at night at WDW. Everything is aglow with light and color, inviting one to adventure into the scene with great excitement and expectancy. Against the dark sky is the hope that light brings, the buoyancy and vision of fireworks, and the endless enthusiasm and possibility of colors. The view glows with “hopeful”ness, the ultimate optimism!

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