“Essence” – a glimpse conveys a feeling, a meaning, a significance.

Many of my seagull studies came not just from East Coast visits, but also from vacations to Walt Disney World and staying at the resorts. The Yacht and Beach Club Resort some years ago was the inspiration for this scene.

What is a glimpse, but a quick look, a suggestion of the essence. A grouping of birds, a flock, a colony, each with the qualities of the family of seagulls, each with substance, entity, attributes indispensable to the whole because of the “whatness” of its parts. In this oil painting, an ethereal atmosphere encompasses, pervades, and empowers each and all.

I’ve been asked where I draw my inspiration from. I believe it comes from a deep place of experience inside us, and from the guidance of someone and something greater than ourselves, and from even a moment’s glance. These all seem to combine to capture an “essence”.

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