Disney’s Festival of the Arts 2021

This year’s Festival of the Arts in Epcot announces three new originals of the Cinderella Castle, “Wondrous” (left), “Merriment” (middle), and “Lovely” (right).  As this year will also mark 50 years since the opening of Disney World and as a Consignment Artist for Disney Theme Parks, I have chosen to celebrate this momentous occasion by highlighting my favorite scene with the introduction of a specialty frame to enhance the image. This “painterly” frame is unique to the original art. It has been painted on wood and framed beautifully with the classic linen border typical of all my originals, oils or acrylics. The addition of the “painterly” border is inspired to enhance the vision of the scene, to add a three-dimensional quality that invites the viewer to a larger experience, and to balance the realism of the view with a sense of color and movement that broadens the understanding.

Our world is multi-dimensional, and all the facets of our lives, the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and mental must be explored and deemed worthy to discuss. I view the frames as an extension of the meaning of the painting – why I painted it and why I often blog about my paintings.

The originals of “Wondrous”, “Merriment”, and “Lovely” are currently on sale at The Art of Disney at the American Pavilion, and Limited Edition and Deluxe Prints are available at The Disney Artist Tent throughout the Taste of Epcot International Festival of the Arts now until February 22, 2021.

Update:  Recently years of blogs have been removed from the website, making room, so to speak, for new blogs and new paintings. Future originals will continue to introduce the new frame and other new product. Stay tuned and always feel invited to Join The Dialogue with your comments!




  1. Austin Fedo

    Just saw your art in The Tim Tracker’s most recent video of their day trip to Epcot on YouTube. Absolutely incredible!

    • rosemary

      Hi Austin,

      Thank you for following the art to my website and blog, all from a youtube! And delighted to hear you are fond of the work.


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