I have not ventured to ride “Space Mountain”, this famous Disney roller coaster in the dark, but many years ago when one of my sons and his cousin did, their excited reaction was wanting to ride it ‘one million more times!’ I guess that well describes the limitless, boundless and immeasurable feeling one might have moving in the dark, not knowing what direction is next or where one is going or whether the end is near.

I prefer expressing the ‘lighter side’ of those possibilities, and exploring the vastness of those fun feelings in space and time and nature, as a dawning of endless sky and clouds, the reflecting light and recurring rhythm of the moon, and seagulls and Space Mountain itself in unbounded flight.

The original painting “Boundless” is framed with the original painterly border and available at The Art of Disney in Epcot. Deluxe Prints and Framed Painterly Print Limited Edition reproductions are made available at Disney’s Festival of the Arts 2022 and while supplies last.