I have not ventured to ride “Space Mountain”, this famous Disney roller coaster in the dark, but many years ago when one of my sons and his cousin did, their excited reaction was wanting to ride it ‘one million more times!’ I guess that well describes the limitless, boundless and immeasurable feeling one might have … [Read more…]


While painting this fun close up of our cutest elephant, Dumbo, it seemed natural to dress Dumbo in pink and blue, with a touch of yellow, a palette for a baby elephant, and a palette that brings Disney to mind, and heart. We all meet Dumbo as a brand new delivery to his mother, so … [Read more…]


The story of “Beauty and the Beast” is about transformation, beginning with a curse that changes the young prince into the beast he has become, and ending with the curse being broken by the power of love, and the beast turning into a man. But the curse also encompasses his surroundings, the castle and all … [Read more…]


I’ve been asked how I decide what scenes to paint and where my inspiration comes from. Often the process is intuitive; yes, feelings tend to lead us, but also having a sense of knowing and understanding the subject. Ideas surround us like bubbles or clouds in the air. They can be all shapes and sizes; … [Read more…]


“Essence” – a glimpse conveys a feeling, a meaning, a significance. Many of my seagull studies came not just from East Coast visits, but also from vacations to Walt Disney World and staying at the resorts. The Yacht and Beach Club Resort some years ago was the inspiration for this scene. What is a glimpse, … [Read more…]

The “painterly border”

For some years now I’ve experimented with adding a painterly border as a frame extending the image, much like our eye focuses on a scene with a peripheral vision that blurs. Recently the border has been introduced with my Disney art at Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts, debuting in January 2021. Now available at … [Read more…]


“Dawning”, one of my original oil paintings, captures that distinct time of day when the light breaks through the darkness, signs of life glisten and shine in the magical colors of the rising sun, waves like piano keys usher in the musical sounds of movement, while birds gather to welcome the newness and hope that … [Read more…]

Disney’s Festival of the Arts 2021

This year’s Festival of the Arts in Epcot announces three new originals of the Cinderella Castle, “Wondrous” (left), “Merriment” (middle), and “Lovely” (right).  As this year will also mark 50 years since the opening of Disney World,  and 10 years for me as a Consignment Artist for Disney Theme Parks, I have chosen to celebrate … [Read more…]

“Invitation” to The Magic Kingdom

  “Invitation” The entrance to The Magic Kingdom – an ‘invitation’ to experience the glory, the magic, the joy, the majesty and splendor, the imagination and creation. How can we enter The Magic Kingdom without wondering who is the king? And Walt Disney would surely be the first to point us above. We need to look … [Read more…]


“Liberty” I love the juxtapositions that punctuate this original painting. The Liberty Belle riverboat, flanked by our flag of freedom, is positioned in contrast to The Haunted Mansion on the left, and Rapunzel’s Tower on the right. The Haunted Mansion is thrills and chills of the ghostly that comically bring our thoughts to “the other … [Read more…]